How To Decide On Wound Guitar String Types

It is important to have understanding of how different guitar strings are wound. These differences can greatly affect how a guitar string sounds and feels. Wound guitar strings come in three different varieties, round wound, half wound, and flat wound.

Round Wound vs. Half Wound vs. Flat Wound

In reality it is not how a string is wrapped, it is the profile of the wrapped wire that makes the difference:

round wound guitar strings

  • Round wound guitar strings: These are good for rock guitar as they are the brightest sounding of the wound strings. They also produce the most sting noise due to the space in between the wraps.
    half wound guitar strings
  • Half round guitar strings: These strings take a little from round wound and flat wound. They are warmer sounding than round wounds due to the strings being round wound, then ground down for a smoother feel. While this reduces string noise when changing chords it still allows some of the sound qualities of the round wound string.
    flat wound guitar strings
  • Flat wound guitar strings: These strings are good for blues and jazz. They are the warmest sounding of the wound strings. This uses a flat ribbon wire which makes for a smooth sting a greatly reduces string noise.

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