6 Features that make Blackstar Unity Bass amps great

6 Features that make Blackstar Unity Bass amps great

Designed from the ground up, the Blackstar Unity Bass Series offers one of the most flexible bass amps around. Unity series bass amps produce tones from everything transparent and clean to the feel and response of a classic valve amp. Here are 6 features that make these such great amps:

1. Tonal Flexibility - from valve inspired growl to high headroom clean

2. Unique Response Control - 3 power amp stages to shape compression and feel

3. Drive section – 3 overdrives (Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz) with user-controllable blend

4. Compressor and effects – Chorus and Sub-Octave

5. Pro connectivity – balanced XLR, jack or USB are perfect for live, studio and home use

6. Unity Bass Series Active Cabinet – connect to any amp in the Unity Bass Series for 250W of extra power

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