The myth of online "discounts"

Here at Octave Music we believe in offering our customers a fair perception of what is “on Sale” and what items are being sold at are everyday normal prices.  Everyday we try to price our items as low as we can.  There is a miss-conception that some online stores are selling things at huge discounts.  While this might look impressive, it is normally based on a highly inflated MSRP pricing that almost NOBODY sells at. If you go to your local grocery store or clothing store you will not see MSRP on those items, so why should you when you shop for music equipment?

 Steven Wasser, president of Powell Flutes, Sonaré Pro Brass, and E.K. Blessing Brass states it this way, “Everyone loves a discount – except when it’s not real. We’ve all seen the web listings or in-store ads for musical instruments with “Sale Price” in red below a crossed out list price or adjacent to an M.S.R.P. (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), but does anyone ever sell at the higher price? The general answer is “no”. The crossed out list price is there to make the customer believe he or she is getting a deal when in fact the real price is the alleged “Sale Price”.”

At Octave Music if you see something marked “Sale”, you can shop with confidence that the item is truly marked down from our normal everyday price.

You can see more of Steven’s article here:

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