Best YouTube Channels for Guitar

Best YouTube Channels for Guitar

YouTube has really changed the game for how you can go about learning new skills. While many people are aware of the platform’s use for learning quick everyday tasks, some may not be aware that you can learn full-on talents/skills if you put the time in. Especially over the course of the past decade, YouTube has become a place where you can really learn A LOT.

So, can you really learn guitar from YouTube? Yes, 100%. Now, this is not to say it will work out great for everyone. Some people really don’t take well to the learning environment that staring at a screen provides. In fact, I would still recommend that most folks go out and get a really good in-person teacher in addition to online resources. But to be clear, the majority of the information you need, especially for beginners, is on YouTube.

If you do plan on attempting to learn from videos the main thing that will get in your way is the utterly massive amount of content that exists. There are plenty of not so great and just outright bad lessons/tutorials on the platform. Below I have listed some of the channels that you can count on having the best experience with.

Best for Beginners/Song Tutorials:

Guitareo (GuitarLessons)


One of the absolute best channel recommendations I can give to the beginning player is Guitareo. What makes it so good? The organization and structure of the lessons is about as good as you will find on YouTube. It is always hard to try picking out your first lessons at random, so don’t. I strongly recommend heading to the playlist page of the GuitarLessons channel and going through the beginner guitar content. You will find that you have a clear starting point and a plotted out path set up for you to follow. Once you’ve worked your way through that first playlist, feel free to jump around to the other videos on the page. Anything from Guitareo is going to be well laid out and worth your time. 

Marty Music

Marty Music

Marty has been making great guitar tutorials for just about as long as anybody. And now with having almost 2.5 million subscribers, you can see people tend to like what he puts out. This success makes a lot of sense when you start to look through the massive collection of well-taught song tutorials the guy has made over the years. And that is the specific thing that Marty’s channel is great for. If you have a popular song that you’re looking to learn there’s a good chance he has a tutorial. And most of the time he will simplify things for those that need it. Overall, this is just a great place to go to have someone walking you through songs.


justin guitar

Justin is another one of those guitar teachers that has been on YouTube for over a decade now. Just like Guitareo Justin has a great beginner course for those that are brand new to the instrument. In fact, you’ll see on his playlist page that there are over 100 videos in the course all of which are free to access. This content is well thought out and considers those who are just picking up a guitar for the first time. The actual visuals of the lessons are aided by the inclusion of cleaver graphics to help convey concepts. The whole JustinGuitar channel is truly a great home for anyone learning.


Swift Lessons

Swiftlessons is a great place to guide you all throughout your guitar playing progress. From the very early on beginning stages and even through the intermediate into advanced stuff, there is likely something for you here. Whether it be technique or theory there is a lot more on this channel than how to play the basic chords. Additionally, Rob Swift has now built up quite the song tutorial library for you to learn the specific tracks you’re interested in. I like to think of this channel as a great all-around option for most people.


Best for Backing Tracks:

Elevated Jam Tracks

Elevated Jam Tracks

As you progress at guitar, you’re likely going to want to take advantage of backing tracks at some point. Luckily YouTube has been populated with so many options, that you likely can find any style, key or tempo that you’re looking for. Elevated Jam Tracks is one of the absolute best places to go for the highest quality tracks on the platform. What makes these videos so great is tracks feature the inclusion of real time chord changes and a recommended scale for playing over them. Also, all of the recordings are top notch so you can really enjoy the backing band if you have good speakers or headphones.


Best for Intermediate Players (and up):


Jam Play

JamPlay is quite different from some of the channels listed above. Instead of taking the single instructor approach JamPlay’s channel is one filled with education from many different teachers. This has it’s pros and cons. On one hand you get a wide variety of teaching styles, which is great, but the downside is that you don’t really feel like you’re going through a class per se. This makes sense considering that JamPlay has a website where you can pay for that class experience if you would like. With that said, I still definitely recommend checking their stuff out for learning some intermediate guitar skills. Plus, the number of camera angles they bring to the table is pretty much unparalleled. 

Tim Pierce Guitar

Tim Pierce Guitar

Pierce is a phenomenal session guitarist who has played on countless recordings, many of which you may very well be familiar with. Over the past few years, he has been filling up his YouTube channel with a lot of content related to getting better at guitar. Most of his stuff is not really aimed at beginners, but rather those with some years of experience looking to hone their craft. However, no matter your skill level this is a fantastic source to sort of check-in to make your heading in the right direction. The input from Pierce and his guests on the channel is some of the best out there for becoming a really good player.     


Best for Gear:

That Pedal Show

That Pedal Show

If you are looking to up your pedal/effect/overall gear knowledge, TPS is the place for you. I’ll admit I am a little biased here, but I truly believe this channel to be one of the most informative on the platform. The video's long form factor is not going to appeal to everyone. Yet you do certainly develop a better understanding of whatever topic they are covering by the end of the video. If you are super interested in guitar tone, this is a must watch channel.

Andertons Music Co


Andertons is a great page to check out for pretty much any new gear that is coming out. This music store does have a vested interest in getting you to buy products from them, however they give honest options while covering features and specs quite well. Also, they are just a really entertaining group of people to watch. For most people out there this channel will function great as a source of gear information.

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