Guitar Companies That Cater to Lefties

Guitar Companies That Cater to Lefties

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Being a southpaw myself, I can affirm that for lefties, finding your dream guitar can be a near-impossible task. While there are plenty of entry-level instruments available in both left and right-handed options, once you get into a higher price point things get sketchy. Usually, if a company makes any lefties at all, you really only have one or two models to choose from. Additionally, these models rarely share the same customization or color choices as their right-handed equivalents. There is no doubt about it, lefties have it rough sometimes. But today, I wanted to focus on the brighter side of things. Thanks to a growing lefty community and improvements in guitar manufacturing, some companies have decided to cater more to both orientations. While still have a long way to go, here are some of the most lefty-friendly companies making guitars in 2020.  


I’m starting this list off with Fender because they are truthfully one of the best when it comes to having options. Now, this is also to be expected since they are the world’s largest guitar manufacturer. But regardless, this company makes some awesome guitars for lefties at a variety of price points. Additionally, with Fender, you often will have at least a few alternative colors to select from. While the color of the finish might seem like a small detail to some, having an option like this is a rare luxury for left-handed folk. As far as models go, you can usually get a left-handed Tele or Strat from any Fender line. However, currently, Fender’s most recent American line, the Ultra Series, has yet to see a left-handed variant. When it comes to offsets, Fender currently has an American Professional Jazz Master and Kurt Cobain Signature Jaguar in lefty.


Standout Model/Features:

  • Player Telecaster – $699.99
    • Available in  3-Color Sunburst, Black, Polar White, and Butterscotch Blonde
    • Alder Body with Gloss Finish
    • Tele Bridge Alnico V pick
    • Tele Neck Alnico V pickups
    • Maple Fingerboard (the Polar White is Actually Pau Ferro)
    • Modern C Neck Profile
    • Synthetic Bone Nut
    • 22 Medium Jumbo Frets

Pure Salem

Jumping from the biggest guitar maker in the world, next up we have a much smaller operation. Pure Salem Guitars have been around for a little while now, but they are still pretty well under the average player’s radar. However, this company has made some waves thanks to artists like ZZ Top and The Cars utilizing their instruments. PureSalem’s guitars all have a rather unique look and sound to them, drawing influence from a plethora of vintage models. Looking at these guitars from a leftie’s point of view, things start to get really exciting. Pure Salem is the first electric guitar company I have seen that makes ALL their models both right and left-handed. While these guitars may not be right for all lefties, they do have great specs and look have some really interesting looks to them.

Standout Model/Features:

  • Cardinal  – $1,015.00
    • Available in 7 Different Colors (Some are Hard Tail)
    • Mahogany Body
    • Mahogany Neck with Block Inlays
    • Binding on Both the Body and Neck
    • Rosewood Fretboard
    • Modern C Neck Profile
    • Roller Bridge
    • Vibrola Tremolo System
    • Custom Pure Salem Single Coil Bridge Pickup
    • Custom Pure Salem Humbucking Neck Pickup 



Gretsch definitely does not have as many lefty models as some of the other companies on this list, but they are here for a good reason. What this company offers southpaws is a wide price range of great hollow and semi-hollow electric guitars. Starting with their affordable center block Streamliners all the way up to the prestigious White Falcon, every lefties budget is accommodated here. Unfortunately, with Gretsch, lefties usually only receive one or two color options per model. But this is really pretty standard even for companies with many left-handed six-strings. If you are looking for a great hollow body of any caliber, Gretsch might just have you covered. 


Standout Model/Features:

  • G2622 Streamliner – $549.99  
    • Comes in Torino Green or Single Barrel Stain
    • Maple Body
    • Spruce Center Block
    • Laurel Fingerboard
    • U-shaped Nato Neck
    • Gretsch “V” Stoptail Tailpiece
    • Gretsch Humbucking Broad’Tron Bridge Pickup
    • Gretsch Humbucking Broad’Tron Neck Pickup



If you’re a lefty seeking some more evil-looking instruments, Schecters got you covered. True temperament? 7-string? 8-string? Floyd Rose? You name it Schecters probably has got something for you to play. As far as shredder or metal guitars go, Schecter is one of the absolute best at catering to lefties. They provide all kinds of hardware, inlays, and finishes that are hard to find with any company. On top of that, they even carry a few simple super Strat and Tele models that are somewhat hidden amidst their vast lineup. With well over 50 models being made for left-handed players, it is hard to beat this kind of selection.  


Standout Model/Features:

  • Reaper-6 FR – $949.00
    • Comes in Satin Charcoal Burst
    • Swamp Ash Body
    • Poplar Burl Top
    • Satin Finish
    • Maple/Walnut Neck
    • 24 Extra Jumbo Frets
    • Diamond Decimator Bridge Humbucker
    • Diamond Decimator Neck Humbucker
    • Floyd Rose Tremolo



When it comes to acoustic guitars no one does lefties more justice than Taylor. Being one of the most respected acoustic brands, it is pretty awesome that Taylor offers every single model in left-handed versions at no extra cost. This courtesy not only includes all of their 100-900 series but also extends to other models like Koa, Baby, and Academy. I can’t even express just how cool it is that Taylor does this, it really makes things easier on everybody. Even if you’re just starting out and not trying to spend well over $1000 on a guitar, you still are able to look forward to having your pick of the liter someday.


Standout Model/Features: 

  • Taylor 314ce – $1,999.00
    • Grand Auditorium Body Style
    • Sapele Back and Sides
    • Sitka Spruce Top
    • V-Class Bracing
    • Satin Finish (w/ Gloss Top)
    • Tropical Mahogany Neck
    • Ebony Fingerboard
    • Ebony Bridge
    • Expression System 2 Electronics


It truly is exciting to see just how far left-handed guitars have come, even just in the past few years. It used to be where the only higher-end lefty guitars were either found via custom orders or your imagination. Now, every year it seems most companies will announce a new model (or several!) that will be made in both orientations. The companies listed above are among the leaders of this trend. Make sure you go and check out all of these brand’s sites to see the numerous models that I didn’t specify. Most of these companies are likely to going to have something that suits your fancy. 

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