NAMM 2019 - Preview

NAMM 2019 - Preview

What is NAMM?

NAMM is the National Association of Music Merchants. What it is well known for however is the NAMM Show. This annual convention attracts hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. All music manufacturers plan all their big new product releases to coincide with the show.

Looking Forward - 

Octave will be at the show this week. We are looking forward to looking at our current guitar brands such as Reverend, PRS, Fender, Music Man, and  Chapman Guitars. We have already heard of some new rumored products from all of these major brands.

We will also be looking at a lot of musical instrument accessories. There are always many products that can help musicians make their next note. We want to make sure we have what will help you.

Finally, we will be looking at some new brands to carry in our store. Not necessarily new companies, but brands that we have not had in the past. The keyboard and midi controller market looks extremely enticing as it is a great way to produce and create music. It is also an easy way to get individuals that have never made music before started on their musical journey.

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