NAMM Release Radar: Reverend Guitars

NAMM Release Radar: Reverend Guitars

For Reverend fans, NAMM means new and exciting things are coming. Whether it be new colors, new models or revamping an existing model, this company always brings something to the table this time of year. Luckily for us, in 2020 Reverend has introduced all of the former. That’s right, we are getting never before seen colors, body styles and more. There is without a doubt a nice number of things to unpack this NAMM show. So why don’t we take a look at what Reverend has for us to kick off the new decade.


 Warhawk Revamp

Anyone who already likes the Warhawk or Double Agent can start getting excited right… now. Reverend is now making Warhawks configured with Double Agent pickups. If you are familiar with the DA pickup config than you will be well aware just how versatile the Warhawk just became. The fact is everyone loves the DA layout and now you are able to get it in a different guitar. Additionally, they are sticking with the familiar choice of either a DA or DAW (Wilkinson) option. The DA comes in solid Mulberry Mist, Metallic Alpine, and Midnight Black. Currently, the DAW can be separated from the DA by its two burst options, Red and Avocado. Also, there is no worry if you still love the 390 Warhawk. In fact, this year the 390 version will be offered in Venetian Gold, Medieval Red, and Chronic Blue.

However, there is more to this revamp than just the DA config. The Warhawk body has also been redone in a new and improved fashion. As Reverend describes it, “the body is sleeker, the wings are thinner, and the overall sound is more vibrant”. From what we have seen and heard in the past, this improvement is one to look forward to.


New Models

This year Reverend is releasing three new models. These models comprise of two guitars and one bass, each coming with brand new bodies. All of these bring something interesting to the brand without straying away from that classic aesthetic. It would seem the company is looking to start 2020 off fresh with some new looks to add to their already unique lineup. Here is a brief breakdown of these three new offerings from Reverend.

  • Roundhouse:
    • The Roundhouse is perhaps the most distinctive release we are seeing from Reverend this year. This is their first-ever set neck carved top. And with the appearance of the flame plus the rather sleek contours, I’d say it’s about time! Furthermore, with no pickguard on this one, you really get to experience the wood grain (Duane would be proud).

Reverend Roundhouse

You can get the Roundhouse in Transparent Black, Transparent Turquoise or a Violin Brown Finish. No matter what color you choose they all keep that nice woody look, but the brown has something particularly special going on.

This one not is not just all looks though. The Roundhouse holds true to its brand by coming equipped with all the great features you would expect. Pin locking tuners, a bass contour knob, korina body, and custom Reverend pickups all make this an awesome axe.


  • Contender:
    • The Contender body is a flat-top but shares the same single cut as the Roundhouse. Again, this body shape succeeds in giving off a super slick look with just the right proportions. This time we are getting a six-inline headstock that really pulls together the guitar as a whole. The combination of several similarities to other Reverend models makes this guitar feel right at home in the catalog.

While the Roundhouse may be the most unique new release, the Contender guitars are definitely the more abundant of the two. You can get the roundhouse in three different configurations, each with their own three colors to pick from. First off, you can either select from humbucker or P90 options. These two groups are the exact same side from the pickups and colors they come in. The other group of Contenders sports a Bigsby tremolo with newly designed pickups. Reverend calls these their Retroblast pickups. While they may look and be named like tron style pickups, they are actually a retro looking mini humbucker.

This family of Contenders is truly being placed right into the thick of their lineup. It  looks as though Reverend feels this model could be a keeper and I can’t but help agree.

Contender Color Breakdown:

      • Contender HB, Italian Purple - Metallic Alpine -Midnight Black
      • Contender 290, Natural - Midnight Black - Medieval Red
      • Contender RB, Rock Orange - Outfield Ivy - Venetian Gold

  • Sentinel:
    • Last but in no way least we have the new Sentinel bass. This low frequency monster is a short-scale four sting that is a tip of the hat to the Warhawk body. Yes, the Sentinel has a raised center with wings on the sides to create more mass where it counts. The tone here is coming from the single Reverend P-Blade pickup on the raised section of the body. Even with just one pickup, you are still able to get a range of tones thanks to Joe Naylor’s specially designed 3-way switch (bright-normal-deep). Moreover, with the tuners being Hipshot’s ultralight set, this thing will stay in tune like the best of them. All in all, this bass is going to be uber reliable and lush with tone.


That pretty much sums up what we are seeing this NAMM from Reverend. It’s great that we get to experience releases like this every year, the brand really knows how to make guitars. If all goes well the models introduced here will be around for years to come.

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