Product Spotlight –EHX Canyon

Product Spotlight –EHX Canyon

Delay. It is a staple in so many of our favorite guitar sounds. From the Edge’s dotted eighth echo to David Gilmour’s long lush ambiance, delay has been around for some time now. Even with modern and up and coming artists, we see still this effect everywhere. However, one thing that has changed is the increase in more specific delays like modulated and shimmers. With this wide variety of delay types, it can be somewhat daunting to try to limit yourself to just a couple of echo pedals. That brings us right up to our spotlight product for today, the Electro harmonix Canyon

Having only a couple of years of being on the market, the Canyon has already cemented itself as one of the best delay pedals you can buy. What makes this stompbox such a great pickup? It’s quite simple really, versatility. The canyon sports 9 different delay sounds that all do very specific things very well. Some of its more normal functions include tape echo, modulated delay, and deluxe memory man delay. Just these three sounds alone would be enough to satisfy your casual delay user. However, the canyon has amazing ambient settings as well. To me, the shimmer setting alone warrants the price tag here (perhaps the best I have heard outside of Strymon). You really have to have a sit down with this guy to start to see all it can do. Here is a list and short description of the 11 functions this pedal has.

  •  ECHO:
    •  Your standard digital delay for the most modest of echos.
  • MOD:
    •  Modulated delays that can be altered in their depth.
  • MULTI:
    • A multi-tap delay which can let you get rhythmic with your delay.
  • REVRS:
    • A great reverse delay that sits up there with the best of them.
  • DMM:
    • Deluxe Memory Man, a wonderful classic circuit done justice here.
  • TAPE:
    • Solid tape delay recreation, super fun to fiddle with the knobs when playing.
  • VERB:
    • Adds reverb in with the echo, two effects in one!
  • OCT:
    • Octave delay, I’ve already said it, this is just a fabulous octave delay.
  • SHIM:
    • It has a similar timbre to the octave setting, very usable on lower effect levels.
  • S/H:
    • Sample and hold, this one will take your delay and repeat it at the same level until you play another note.
  •  LOOP:
    • 62-second looper that can be overdubbed and remembered after the pedal is turned off.


There sure are a lot of sounds in this small form factor! And I have not even begun to go over the level of control that some of these settings have. Holding the tap/dived button yields a second set of controls that are unique to whatever setting the pedal is on. So yes, this pedal can pretty much do it all… and then some. My favorite part of playing with this delay was just how usable every single setting was. I think you would struggle to get a bad sound out of this thing. From the subtle to the highest extremes this pedal is up for the task.

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