Product Spotlight: Fat Foot Effects

Product Spotlight: Fat Foot Effects

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far from home to find great tone. For us at Octave, a perfect example of this can be found in Fat Foot Effects. Fat Foot is a guitar/bass effect company located in Elkhart Indiana. Coming from a background in electronics, this business knows what they’re doing on a circuit board. Octave currently carries two different gain pedals from this company. So, let’s go over what makes these stompboxes standout.  

Thallium 81: 

The Thallium 81 is a no holds barred distortion with gain to boot. This hard clipper makes a lot of noise but keeps single integrity in mind. Unlike some other high gain pedals, the Thallium is able to maintain your guitar’s tone and feel. Moreover, dynamics remain present no matter the position of the gain knob.    

This box also has some pleasant tone shaping via the blending of a high and low pass filter in the tone knobs sweep. You find that this knob is for only subtle adjustments, this drive knows what it should sound like.

With just a volume, gain and tone knob, there’s no mistaking this simple but powerful unit.



The most recent addition to the Fat Foot regiment, the Mu has all the makings of fantastic drive pedal. Many know that finding a stompbox that can truly handle all levels of gain is a rather daunting task. However, the Mu challenges this idea by giving you two very different sides to the same tonal coin. The first half of this pedals circuit (right side) is a boost that can get just as clean as you desire. In fact, as a clean boost alone this pedal proves itself.

On the other end of this circuit, we come to the distortion side of things. 

Clicking on the distortion is where you really start to hear the unique tone this pedal brings to the table. Sporting an almost fuzz like timbre, the Mu circuit is truly a standout among the surplus of drives on the market. Additionally, with plenty of gain on tap, you are able to push your amp as much as you dare. This box’s tonal pallet is furthered thanks to the clip switch that lets you alter which clipping components your accessing. 

Yes, it’s official, Fat Foot has concocted a Swiss Army Knife drive pedal with the Mu.  

Well, there you have it, two great offerings from a local source. Now, I can go on all day about how good these sound, but you should let your ears decide for themselves. Come on by and try one (or better yet both) of these out. Let the homegrown tone live on!

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