Product Spotlight – Fender Player Tele HH

Product Spotlight – Fender Player Tele HH

In the past few years, we have seen Fender putting out some of the most original and unique takes on their traditional models. From the new Acoustasonics to the Alternative Reality stuff, this company has been trying out a lot recently. And while many might be aware of some of these rather standout models, Fender has also been releasing some more subtle guitars that most people are not talking about. Hence why we had to bring up the Player Series HH Telecaster.

The player series as a whole has been a very worthy successor to the ever so popular Mexican Fenders. With the new player series pickups and better overall attention to detail, a lot are in agreement that this series is one of the best under $1000 guitar runs that this company has put out. The HH Tele in the series deserves all the praise of the other Player guitars and more. What makes it so great? Well, put simply, it fills a massive need in Fender's product line. For as long as the Tele has been around it has been a staple in rock and country music, as well as being a well-rounded guitar for all genres. What the Player HH is bringing to the table is right there in the name, humbuckers. Yes, this guitar model has rocketed the Tele into the modern era. These pickups are some of the best humbuckers to ever be found in a stock Fender, they sound like they actually might take some influence from PAFs. And the versatility is here as well, the tone knob is also a push-pull that splits the humbuckers. The other big new feature on this Tele is the contour on the back of the body. For some, your stomach meeting a flat piece of wood makes the classic Tele body super uncomfortable, but not with this Fender! This instrument is a superb choice for those wanting a new kind of Tele.   

All that said, you might be happy to hear that this still feels very much like a classic Fender instrument. Things like the normal 9.5-inch radius and familiar T-style hardware do not leave Fender fanboys feeling alienated. While it does have a modern C neck profile, it seems fitting to the change of pace that the rest of the guitar symbolizes. As someone who grew up playing MIM models, I can say this is guitar did not take a whole lot of getting used to.

I am personally very excited to see Fender making a six-string like this one. It’s a modern made guitar with humbuckers… but remains classic looking and not cheesy! I cannot stress this enough; Fender has failed on this front several times before, seeing where this guitar sits now is just a relief. Altogether, I have to applaud Fender for making such a well thought out instrument. Sitting at well under a grand, this is one of the best values in its class. Definitely a gem and hidden one at that! Give this one a play people.

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