PRS Announces Reclaimed Limited Edition Series Guitars

Last week PRS Guitars announce two limited edition models. Limited to around 600 guitars PRS is offering a “Reclaimed Limited CE24” and a “Reclaimed Limited S2 Vela”. Both of these guitars will be semi-hollow guitars that use two exotic wood species new to PRS, Peroba Rosa and Brauna Preto.  Typically more than 100 years old this wood is found in southeastern Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. According to Paul Reed Smith, “Michael [Michael Reid, Wood Manager] has been sourcing wood for me and the company since before there was an official ‘PRS Guitars.’ Wood is our lifeblood, and I trust Michael’s instincts. This old, reclaimed wood is wonderfully resonant and beautiful. Hearing these guitars now, I just have to smile knowing Michael was right again.”

The Peroba Rosa is used as the top wood, typically used as a siding material. The Brauna Preto is used for the fretboards, typically used as the supporting posts in buildings. These combine for a unique sound that is punchy, warm and full. By leaving the Peroba in its most “original” form, using a natural satin nitro finish, every instrument will be unique with any wear or discoloration that has been left.

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These wonderful guitars are now available on pre-order at Octave Music.

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