Psychological Benefits of Playing Music

Psychological Benefits of Playing Music

You will hear countless musicians describe their musical endeavors as a release. Weather it is writing original music, playing covers, or just playing to play, people get a lot out of picking up their instrument. There is actually a plethora of scientific information that supports a strong connection between music and the brain. More specifically, some studies have shown revelations pertaining to musicians and positive results to their psyche. This topic has much to discuss, so much in fact, that we will just scratch the surface of information related to music’s impact on the brain. Below I have listed some of the most interesting scientific findings linked to people who play music.


Less Stress

Stress relief is a well-known benefit of playing music. This makes a lot of sense seeing as playing an instrument is one of the most immersive things that a human can do. By being so tuned-in to what you are doing musically, it is nearly impossible to divert any of your brain power to thinking outside of the musical realm. This level of immersion can be hard to describe to someone who has no musical background, it is almost otherworldly in a sense. There are a lot of things that you can do when playing music, but being stressed out about your life is not one of them.   


Enhanced Intellectual Curiosity

Playing  music will definitely have a positive impact on your inquisitiveness. Musicians are constantly hearing new songs and techniques that make them want to learn more and increase their skill on their given instrument. Being curious is a fundamental part of playing and writing music (along with every other part of the creative process). Additionally, it has been proven that this curiosity will affect your desire to learn new things all around, even outside of music. For many others and I, playing music has been the catalyst for instating a love for discovery in our day to day lives.  


Better Critical/Creative Thinking

Creativity is a beautiful cornerstone of making and playing music. Whether it be crafting your own song or interpreting someone else’s, thinking critically is always involved with musicians. The really cool part of thinking creatively via music is the progress of getting better. Music forces the individual to evolve the way one thinks about finding solutions and problem solving. There are a lot more  ways to do something than just the most obvious, playing music puts you face to face with this. Like the other benefits on this, creative thinking from music will trickle its way throughout the rest of your life.  


Improved Self Confidence

Ask anyone who has ever learned a song or part on an instrument before and you will know just how true this benefit is. There are so many parts to playing music that boost one’s confidence. The feeling you get from learning anything music wise is so satisfying, it gives you an instant sense accomplishment that translates into self-worth over time. There is also a whole other aspect of playing music for other people, truly one of the most opportune ways to boost your self-assurance. Like I stated before, this benefit extends all through the artform, you would be hard pressed to find a musician that disagrees.


There you have it! Four general examples of the psychological benefits that are a direct result of playing music. This post could be a lot longer, there is way too much to discuss when looking at music and its positive effects on the brain. I haven’t even touched on the enormous amount of research that supports the link between music and positive mental health in old age (for another day). There are so many reasons to start playing music, but the psychological benefits are a big one. So, give your brain its fix! Try picking up an instrument, see for yourself how music improves the way your think.

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