Should You Learn Guitar Left-Handed?

Should You Learn Guitar Left-Handed?

Thinking about learning guitar… no this is not a Yousician add. The first step to learning guitar is, well, buying the guitar. For most, the process is as easy as typing in, “best beginner guitars” into Google. However, for those ill-fated individuals (like myself) who happen to be left-handed, you have an important decision to make. Yes, there are left-handed guitars. They're not super common and you don’t see many people playing them (other than Hendrix and Kurt Cobain of course). Don’t be mistaken, this choice is not as simple as, “I’m left-handed, so I’ll buy a left-handed guitar”. While you are more than free to do so, you should at least be informed first. Here are a few of the pros and cons of playing guitar left-handed.

Cons (the 3 biggest) –

  • Get used to having VERY limited choice in guitars later on  
    • Finding your dream guitar is hard enough for most people and lefties have it way worse. You are going to have to become content with not being able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Even if you did find a guitar with your dream features, good luck finding the color you want.
  • Playing with others can be problematic (Upside down and backward) 
    • Most people have to look at your fingers to jam or learn a part from you. It might not be obvious to a non-guitar player, but it is ridiculously weird for a righty to try and watch a southpaw play. Now you can definitely get familiar with doing this, but it does introduce another hurdle for everyone involved.
  • Don’t think you're just going to be able to take your talent everywhere
    • It might not come up as much in the beginning, but you will soon realize the rarity of left-handed guitars in the world. You are going to have to take your guitar with you anywhere you want to play. Basically, you’re not going to be able to borrow from someone else.

Pros –

  • It might feel a little more comfortable at first
  • If your band has multiple guitars and your on-stage right, it will please everyone’s OCD
  • You will sound exactly like Jimi Hendrix day one


That’s right there really are no pros to playing left-handed besides the first couple of weeks. Now here’s the deal. No, it is not really harder to learn guitar left-handed. However, it is also not harder for a lefty to learn guitar right-handed. The truth is, both of your hands are going to be learning to do things that are very difficult. You're going to have to learn how to make your hands work together regardless of what type of guitar you learn on. However, I am sure that there are those out there who feel way more comfortable starting out on a left-handed guitar. If you feel this way, go for it, just prepared for the hardships it will bring. But for 90% of lefties that are reading this before it’s too late, just learn right-handed, please and thank you. 

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