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Jody Jazz reboots Chedeville Mouthpieces

Posted by Jeffrey Kamp at

Jody Jazz acquired the Chedeville mouthpiece company in 2018. This year at NAMM 2019 they debuted the new Elite clarinet mouthpieces and the RC Series classical saxophone mouthpieces. Made from a proprietary more pure rod ebonite recreates the great rod rubber of legendary pre-world war II Chedeville mouthpieces. These premium Chedeville Rubber mouthpieces will bear the "CHR" mark indicating it is made from genuine Chedeville Rubber. The Clarinet mouthpieces create a beautiful warm tone with excellent control and intonation. The saxophone mouthpieces feature a medium length "Chedeville facing curve", it produces warm yet strong, full tone. The Chedeville saxophone mouthpieces are...

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