Top 5 Must-Have Accessories for Gigging Guitarists

Top 5 Must-Have Accessories for Gigging Guitarists

If you play out than you know having the right tool for the job can make or break your night. Forgetting these accessories or not owing them at all could be holding back your ease of performance. In fact, I have seen all of the ones listed here be instrumental in the success of a show. So, make some space in your gig bag, because these are five things that no player should be caught without on stage.


Ah yes, starting off with the obvious here. Gigging and capos go hand in hand for most players. From the singer-songwriter to the worship guitarist everyone loves the capo. Even if your setlist includes zero planned capo uses, still have one at the ready. From changing keys on the fly to having to pick up someone else’s part, you never know when one of these guys might come in handy. Also, look into some of the more unique types of capos, they might just save you from having to change tunings!

String Winder:

Quick disclaimer, if you already have locking tuners on all your guitar this one doesn’t really apply to you. But for the many players who still opt for the normal non-locking style, this is a SUPER important must-have for you. This one comes down to one thing, time. String winders are a significant factor in saving time and energy when turning your tuning knobs. It might seem gimmicky or even pointless from afar. But the moment you try using one for a sting change you will never go back. In fact, this accessory goes well beyond just gigging, every guitar player needs a string winder.  

Strap Locks:

I know, not everyone is running around doing backflips and guitar spins on stage. Yet, I still believe that strap locks are a must-have for anyone who plays gigs. This is one of those small purchases that makes so much sense when you are playing an expensive instrument. Additionally, I can’t tell you how many times I have twisted my strap and picked it up later only to have the strap slip out of its notch. That’s just one example for those of you out there who are pretty inactive on stage. If you are moving a lot then there is just not an excuse, do yourself a favor and invest in some locks!   


In this era of high-end isolated power supplies, finding a guitarist using only batteries is a pretty rare thing. However, there is no reason to completely forgo having backups. This is one thing that I find people often overlook because it really is something that you do not think about until you need it. Extra 9 volts can save you in several situations. Whether it be a pedal or your acoustic-electric guitar, extras are always a good idea.

Guitar Stand:

Now when I say guitar stand, I mean a proper guitar stand that will protect your instrument. There is just no sense in paying thousands for a guitar and then propping it up against your amp. Get yourself a solid place to rest your instrument. Even the most basic of stands is better than not having one, but if you want the best insurance you can get, go with one that locks. Having the little these plastic locks has saved me on multiple occasions. There are plenty of amazing stand manufactures nowadays, however, none really compare to that of a brand like Hercules. If you can afford it, you will not regret owning a high-end guitar stand, they tend to last a long time.   

So that’s it, five things that you should take to your gig. To some these accessories may just look like nothing more than addons for your already expensive instruments. Yet, to many others, these are the tools that enable them to smoothly transition from shows night to night. Ultimately, you will find out what your needs are as you gig more and more. But for most players, all of these things listed are just as important as one another. Yes, as with playing music itself, everything works together to make one beautiful result.

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