What is the difference between Elixir String's Nanoweb, Polyweb, and Optiweb coatings?

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Elixir Strings makes electric guitar strings with 3 different coating choices. It makes acoustic strings with 2 different coating choices. Many times guitarists that are unfamiliar with the  brand become confused by these choices. Below we will break down these choices to help you make the right choice for your playing style. Elixir strings have a unique coating on the wound strings that protects both the outer and inner string, the plain strings are made of an anti-rust plated steel string. This ensures long string life.

Nanoweb - Bright smooth to the feel. These strings are lively as they have an ultra thin coating

Polyweb - warm and have a more played-in sound. They are slick and fast.

Optiweb (electric only)- crisp and natural. The brightest of Elixir's offering. The most natural feeling of their strings.

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