How To Decide On Wound Guitar String Types

It is important to have understanding of how different guitar strings are wound. These differences can greatly affect how a guitar string sounds and feels. Wound guitar strings come in three different varieties, round wound, half wound, and flat wound.Round...

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Sonare Pro Brass Professional Trumpet Comparison Chart

Octave Music believes that Sonarè professional trumpets offer the best value in the professional trumpet market. Within Sonarè’s line of affordable professional trumpets, from Bb trumpets to C trumpets, there is sure to be a trumpet model that fits a...

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Featured Product - Washburn WD25SCE Acoustic Guitar

Featuring full low end with strong mids and highs, this Tahoe Deluxe Series acoustic guitar has rosewood back and sides. A solid Alaskan sitka top with quarter sawn scalloped bracing, surrounded by abalone purfling and a wood binding make this...

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ProMark Select Balance Drum Sticks - Now In Stock

For the first time, the power to choose your balance is in your hands. Select forward or rebound balance from 5 diameters of drum sticks to fit any playing style. With exclusive technology these ProMark drum sticks offer 100% quality...

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What Makes Schlagwerk Cajons Awesome!

Schlagwerk has been making percussion instruments since 1983. This German company emphasizes the highest levels of craftsmanship and sound qualities into their products. They are constantly innovating and refining their cajon products. The Schlagwerk 2-in-One cajon is a best selling...

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Cajon and Ukulele Circle

Last week we had the privilege of hosting a cajon and ukulele circle at a local elementary school fundraiser. This was a great way to introduce kids to musical instruments that they can make music on from the moment they...

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