Alto Saxophone - Jazz Mouthpieces - Comparing 3 Models

Today we decided to compare 3 very different alto sax jazz mouthpieces. Each has its' place in different styles of jazz playing. From brilliant and loud to dark, and round, we are sure one of these mouthpieces will fit your style of playing.

The first mouthpiece in our comparison is the Lebayle Metal Jazz Chamber alto sax mouthpiece in a 7*. This mouthpiece offers a nice full sound reminiscent of a metal Otto Link mouthpiece. With a little extra effort this mouthpiece can be pushed for lead playing, or lay off to blend well in the mix. A versatile mouthpiece that could be used in both a big band or small combo playing situations.

For our second mouthpiece we tried the Jody Jazz Jet Alto mouthpiece in a 7. This mouthpiece has tons of projection. In a big band setting it could be used by lead alto player to keep pace with the trumpets. Although you can back off on this mouthpiece it always has that edge that says, "I'm in charge". This mouthpiece would easily fit into a rock and/or fusion setting. Easily one of the clearest sounding mouthpieces we have played. Again Jody delivers with a fantastic mouthpiece. This mouthpiece isn't for everyone, but for those who it is, will love it!

Finally for our third mouthpiece we tried D'Addario Select Jazz Alto Sax mouthpiece in a D6M opening. We found this mouthpiece to be easily playable. It is the least powerful of the three that we tried, however it has a sound that is very smooth. Very reminiscent of an older style mouthpiece, we believe this would make a great first jazz mouthpiece for a beginning jazz player. They will be able to control this mouthpiece without it overwhelming them. This could and should be use by experience players too. As this mouthpiece will easily blend in for section playing or even might be useful for extra power in concert band settings. Additionally it would be a great mouthpiece for combo playing, or in situations where a jazz sound is required but at softer volumes.

All three of these alto jazz mouthpiece were wonderful to play. Finding the right fit for the right player is key. Stop by Octave Music and we will be glad to help you find the right mouthpiece for your playing style. 

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