5 Wind Instrument Christmas Ideas Under $50

5 Wind Instrument Christmas Ideas Under $50

Upgraded Reeds

Consider upgrading to higher quality reeds. Premium reeds for clarinet players include the new Vandoren V21 reeds or the D’Addario Reserve reeds. These reeds allow for Immediate response and depth of tone. Consistency is improved in all registers. For saxophone players consider D’addario Reserve or try a Vandoren Jazz Sampler to find that perfect jazz cut reed.



Brass players add to you sonic options by using different mutes. The Humes and Berg trumpet and trombone mutes have stood the test of time. Consider starting with a straight and or cup mute to begin with.


Maintenance Packs

All wind instrument players should strive to keep their instruments in top playing condition. Yamaha Maintenance Kits contain all the instrument specific tools you will need. Each kit contains specific tools for you instrument.


Music Stands

A music stand will provide one of the best practice tools that you can have. By being able to easily see your music you will be able to focus on your skills rather than fumbling around trying to position your music where you can see it. Check out our value priced instrument stands.


Instrument Stands

Instrument stands provide a safe way for you to put your instrument down, and not have to put it in the case right away. It also provides a safe way to start doubling on other instruments. Don’t put your instrument on the ground, check out these reliable stands from Hercules and K & M.
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