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  Last week I had the privilege of touring the E.K. Blessing - Sonare Pro Brass Factory.  Brendan Crise (Sonare product manager) and Steve Allen (Brass Sales Director) guided and explained how the flow of their factory makes for excellent control of their products. The linear flow from raw material, production, finishing, and finally shipping at first seems like an obvious solution to control the flow of products.  However it is this attention to detailed flow that allows them to produce such fine instruments at reasonable costs. The Sonare trumpets get a cryogenic treatment to relieve stress in the material from production. This is normally an after market process professional players have done to their instruments, it is automatically included in the price of Sonare trumpets! Also it so happened that Steven Wasser (President of Powell Flutes and Sonare Pro Brass) was in town and I had the privilege of meeting him.  Verne Q. Powell Flutes now owns Blessing and Sonare Pro Brass, this is a good thing as they are obsessed with quality. Octave Music is very pleased to be a new dealer for Blessing, Sonare Pro Brass, and Sonare Flutes. Brendan, Steve, and Steven, thanks for the tour!


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