NAMM Release Radar: Jody Jazz Mouthpieces

NAMM Release Radar: Jody Jazz Mouthpieces

Jody Jazz has announced a few new products at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show. Always innovating, and creating different ways to capture the sound you're looking for in a mouthpiece. Jody Jazz has released the new Jody Jazz HR* Custom Dark tenor saxophone mouthpiece, in addition, they are introducing the HR* clarinet mouthpiece, and finally, in a huge announcement, they have acquired E. Rousseau mouthpieces. This will be a nice addition after last year's announcement of the Chedeville line of mouthpieces. Now let's dive into the new mouthpieces.

Jody Jazz HR* Custom Dark Tenor:

Made with the Chedeville proprietary hard rubber the Custom Dark is the darkest sounding hard rubber mouthpiece in the Jody Jazz selection. It features a large open round chamber that projects well and easily allows the player to get into the altissimo range. On the shank of the mouthpiece there is a heavy ring, that is inspired by the Jody Jazz Power Ring ligature. This increased mass helps with more harmonics and body to the sound. This vintage-sounding mouthpiece will truely capture a vintage warm sound.

Jody Jazz HR* Clarinet:

After many requests, Jody Jazz has produced a version of its popular HR* mouthpiece for clarinet. They have offered this with different tip openings to provide the player with different sounds for classical or jazz playing styles. Tip openings 1-5 are designed with the classical player in mind, they should blend well with a concert or symphonic band. Tip openings 6-10 are designed with a different facing curve and a higher baffle that will support a brighter sound for the jazz player.

After 20 years in business, Jody Jazz continues to innovate some of the best playing mouthpieces on Earth. These new models should be available in early spring 2020.

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