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Elkhart, IN 46517



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We help people make their next note.  Bottom line we love music and want to help you make it!  Octave Music sells music instruments and music accessories.  Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional we want to help you get the tools you need to create your music.  At Octave Music we believe all ages should have a chance to create these wonderful sounds we call music.  There are numerous studies that show the benefits of getting involved with music, young and old!!!  If you are a parent of a young student we can help guide and direct their music discovery.  If you are older, we believe it is never to late to pick up an instrument for the first time!!!  Please give us a call, email, or simply check out our website.....and we will be more that happy to help you make your next note. 


Octave Music sells top brands such as:

Washburn Guitars, Fender, EK Blessing, Sonare Pro Brass, Sonare Flutes, Jody Jazz, Schlagwerk, Blue Microphones, Pre Sonus, Zonda, Martin, Applause, Elixir, Warwick, Luna, Rico, La Voz, Hemke, Vandoren, Snark, Neotech, Line 6, Gibraltar, Sabian, Evans, Remo, Vic Firth, Pro Mark, Dunlop, Hercules ... and many more!