Cory Fournier

Guitar - Bass- Ukulele - Mandolin Instructor


Cory has been playing and teaching for over 25 years. He has played a wide
variety of styles with emphasis on Rock, Pop, and Praise & Worship music.
Cory's musicianship is largely the result of practical experience, having left
music school to tour with a Top 40 group. He does, however, employ his
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology on a daily basis, "using immediate gratification
(songs) to motivate students into learning what they need to know (theory)."
While Cory is capable of providing in-depth study, his philosophy of music leans
toward the "less talk, more play!" approach. Cory has played in a variety of
musical situations from ensembles, his own acoustic duo act, and with his
church’s worship team. His love of music and positive attitude provide a
welcome learning environment for students of all ages (child-adult).


1994 University of Toledo (Ohio) Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

(Cum Laude)

1992 Monroe County Community Associates of Applied Science
College (Michigan) (Classroom Education Focus)TEACHING PHILOSOPHY

Whether they realize it or not, almost every “beginner” has a unspoken,
two-part question: “WILL I be able to do this”, and “How long will it take me to
feel like I’m playing music”. While I can’t predict specifics, there certainly are
trends—most students are playing melodies, or even parts of familiar songs
during their first or second lesson. The reason most of us start any new hobby is
NOT to add more stress/work/guilt to our lives, but to have FUN! Any degree of
further, deeper learning has to be built on a basis of enjoyment and genuine
interest. I spend the first few lessons making it fun and giving students a better
understanding of what it means to “play guitar”. The most difficult part is getting


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