Doug Rosezelle

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Drums/music has been part of my life for over 30 years. I studied privately under Bruce Lehman locally, and participated in jazz/Pep/Marching/Concert bands at Northridge High School. I was offered scholarships for Music Performance at ISU, however pursued a playing career with studio recording sessions, and summer stock at Enchanted Hills Playhouse. I currently play with the worship team at Sugar Grove Church.

Teaching Philosophy

Learning the fundamentals is just the beginning, though a necessary foundation. My focus with beginning students is on understanding rhythms, time signatures and keeping time. Playing the drums is an emotional feeling, like/unlike any other instrument, and learning to understand how to express yourself through music is wonderful thing. Different students can play the same beat/rhythm with a different feel… My desire as an instructor is to meet each student where they are, musically and personally, and help them reach the next level.

Contact Info

(574) 238-5196

$18/half hour