Tim Ergle

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Beginning guitar, bass guitar Instructor


Tim brings 44 years of music experience to Octave Music and 15 years as a teacher. He started his music career at the age of 6 at Witmer-McNease Music in Elkhart. At the age of 10 he started his first band and the group lasted for almost 15 years. He has played with many groups that cover a wide variety of styles and sounds. 


His experience in teaching gives him an understanding of the unique approach that each student requires in lessons and so each student progresses at their own pace. He sets expectations for each student that includes practice of 15-30 minutes each day and complete a practice log that is signed by their parents. 

Tim understands the struggles that a beginning student can experience when it comes to learning how to play guitar. He teaches with a sense of humor combined with a real world sense of music knowledge. Using a proven guitar teaching program and activity sheets helps the student stay involved and interested. Students are rewarded for their efforts each and every lesson so that they get a sense of self-assurance on their journey in music. Tim is available to meet with parents and students to help select the right guitar for the student if necessary. Just make an appointment and he’ll meet you at the store.




$15 / half hour