Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1A

by Alfred

This comprehensive guide to piano for beginners focuses on proper playing habits and the recognition of notes through interval jumps. This lesson book presents easy rhythms, basic keyboard maps, and identification of white and black keys on the piano. Beginning with lessons on the same note, a step up, and a step down, these lessons grow tougher as harmonic intervals of seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths show up gradually. Students gain exposure to lines and spaces of notes in treble and bass clef, and end their course with learning to read on a grand staff. 

This pianist's dream journey includes some favorite medleys, with songs such as Old MacDonald, Deep Blue Sea, Mexican Hat Dance, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, It's Halloween!, Jingle Bells, Sailing, and many others. 

Don't be fooled, that couple on the cover is clearly Linus and Lucy. -JB


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