Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Technic Book Level 3

by Alfred

Alfred's Technic Books set to enhance the musician's versatility by offering rhythm and reading drills that remain set at an acceptable pace for pianists. In such a way, Alfred's Basic Piano Library improves coordination and independence of the hands, while inspiring better musicianship! This book comes third in the set, so by now, students firmly grasp the basic concepts of piano, while striving to broaden their spectrum.

Reconsider the cover. At first glance, it appears the piano fell on the poor patron. Apparently, he lays under it like an auto repairman, buffing up the edges and scrubbing away the rough notes.

Due to the circumstances, my accompanying joke becomes irrelevant, but I feel it necessary to share nonetheless.

What do you call the kid who sustained tremendous injuries following a freak piano-falling incident? (A flat minor!)-JB


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