Antigua Winds Backun CL 3230S

by Antigua
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This intermediate-grade clarinet features four premium characteristics:

The premium-grade granadilla wood body's components begin their development when they're properly-aged in a controlled setting, to give the clarinet a solid foundation.

The barrel, bodies and bells come directly from Backun Musical Services, made on professional-level CNC equipment.

Power-forged key,s made with nickel silver, compliment the CNC under-cut tone holes expertly.

Unique and exquisite black Valentino pads separate this clarinet from the rest. Try it for yourself! -JB


Series : Antigua
Key : Bb
Fingering and Key System : Boehm 17 keys 6 rings
Barrel Length : 65mm
Body Material : Grenadilla wood
Key Material : The CL3230 is available with silver-plated keys as model CL3230S
Toneholes : Undercut
Mouthpiece : LaVoz mouthpiece with Rico H ligature

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