Jody Jazz DV Alto Mouthpiece


In order to maximize the vibration of the reed and prevent all dead spots, a new facing curve ends years of troubles by letting every range to equally respond.

Complete with a husky, barrel-chested tone, this alto sax mouthpiece potentially roars over big bands and concert bands alike. The model achieves accurate and easy sub-toning and low notes, allows spot-on intonation, and offers an unrivaled altissimo. Only play this mouthpiece if you enjoy having fun!

The Jody Jazz DV Alto mouthpiece features noticeable enhancements from favorites such as the Guardala, Dukoff, Beechler, Jumbo Java, Vandoren V16, Yanigisawa, SR Tech, and other bright alto mouthpieces. Made complete with a Gold-Plated Rico H Ligature, FF Cap, mouthpiece pouch, and Wood Cylinder case. -JB

online only!!! - please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery - no returns on this product.

JodyJazz DV Alto Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings
5 = .072    6 = .078   7 = .083   8 = .090   9 = .100   9* = .105

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