Jody Jazz DV Tenor Mouthpiece


The new facing curve results in absolutely no dead spots in the vibration of the reed. In other words all notes in all ranges respond equally. This tenor sax mouthpiece has a husky barrel-chested tone while being able to sing and soar over the top of any band. Sub toning and low notes are extremely easy and the altissimo is out of this world. Intonation is spot on. Be prepared to have possibly the most fun you ever have had on the saxophone. 

Players who now or in the past have played Guardala, Dukoff, Beechler, Jumbo Java, SR Tech, Vandoren V16, Yanigisawa, or any of the bright mouthpieces out there will be sure to love The DV. This is not just another bright mouthpiece. There will be noticeable differences and improvements.

online only!!! - please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery - no returns on this product.

JodyJazz DV Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings
6 = .090    7 = .101   7* = .108   8* = .116   9* = .125

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