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Jody Jazz Giant Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Jody Jazz

  • 35000

The GIANT series introduces a new concept in saxophone mouthpiece design that we call “Stealth Metal” combining the outside shape and look of a hard rubber mouthpiece with the precision of Aerospace Grade Hard Anodized Aluminum.

The GIANT has a dark, big saxophone sound but with strong projection and cut. The JodyJazz GIANT is excellent for Jazz, Straight Ahead, Bebop, Big Band, even Rock, Funk, and Blues. Due to its versatility, it can blend nicely with a concert band or saxophone quartet.
Big • Complex • Timeless
The GIANT is a great saxophone mouthpiece that seems to appeal to a very broad variety of players.
The mouthpiece comes with a Rico H Ligature and Cap, and Deluxe Mouthpiece Pouch
JodyJazz GIANT Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Available Tip Openings
6* = .095    7* = .105   8 = .110   8* = .115

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