BandTool Repair Tool BT-2 (Scissors) - Band Tool

by Legend

Everyday emergency band repairs can be done in the field with this BT-2 tool:
* True the bent shank on any brass mouthpiece
* Adjust any key on any woodwind instrument (2 jewelers screwdrivers and many other screwdriver options)
* Push or pull a woodwind spring back into place (3 spring tools)
* File sharp edges, knicks, etc.
* Cut rope, cork, tape, excess threads on uniforms, etc. with scissor tool
* Cut wire for any electrical repair.
* Tune or tighten any snare, bass drum or tom head
* Pad iron and leveling tool - get that pad back into action!
* Screwdrivers and bits for any sideline percussion or cart repair
* Bend Key back into playing position
* Jaw Pliers for that tougher bolt, or other issue.
* Rawhide mallet to loosen stuck mouthpieces and true mpcs.
These are but a few of the uses for this handy tool!

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