Makala Waterman Translucent Green Soprano Ukulele MK-SWT/GN


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Makala Waterman Translucent Green Soprano Ukulele MK-SWT/GN


Inspired by the Maccaferri uke of the 50s, the Waterman embodies the ethics of outdoor lifestyle to inspire the nature enthusiast to put his creative mind towards music.

Nevertheless, the Waterman suits even the least outdoorsy player!

Mario Maccaferri unveiled his Maccaferri uke in the years following the 1939 World's Fair, a presentation of conceptual innovation which inspired him to explore plastic-- a material about to take off in the business industry, in his eyes. The Maccaferri ukulele allowed for this entrepreneur to combine his luthier skills and injection molding business to literally add plasticity to the ukulele.

Arthur Godfrey endorsed the Maccaferri on his TV show, leading to the solicitation of 9 million Maccaferri ukes from 1949 to 1969. 

Kala took to heart the Maccaferri success and recreated it, offering this top of the line, accessible uke with great sound and wonderful feel. A ukulele on the go, this model endures rough terrain with little weather or wear-- ideal for the adventurous musician. -JB

• Water resistant
• Affordable
• Portable
• Durable
• Easy to keep clean
• High grade polycarbonate construction
• Nickel plated open gear tuners
• Aquila Super Nylgut Strings
• Logo backpack bag included

(All models can be easily converted for left handed players!)


  • Scale: 13-9/16” (344.488mm)
  • Overall length: 21-1/4” (539.75mm)
  • Body length:  9 -1/4” (234.95mm)
  • Number of frets: 12
  • Width at upper bout: 5” (127mm)
  • Width at lower bout:  6 -1/2” (177.8mm)
  • Width at waist: 4” (101.6mm)
  • Body depth: 2 - 1/4” (57.15mm)
  • Fingerboard width at nut: 1-3/8” (34.925mm)
  • Fingerboard width at neck/ body joint: 1-5/8” (41.275mm)

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