Powell Sonare PS-501 Flute


  • 1,49900

Powell Sonaré flutes enable musicians to keep within their own price range, while still playing at an expert level of flute performance!

With a body and headjoint crafted in Powell workshops along the east US in Massachusetts, Powell's masterpiece includes handcrafted features in order to create that trademark acoustic sound iconic to the famous Verne Q. Powell flute.

To replicate the Verne Q. Powell flute, this instrument's built from a new technology called Zinki (A name given to the refined hole extrusion process, "But the name itself is something we just made up because it sounded like a lot of fun," according to the president of Verne E. Powell flutes.)

Another positive quality for each Powell headjoint: these beauties undergo individual hand-creation.

To qualify as a suitable Sonaré instrument, this flute first underwent a gruesome inspection process, finsihing it's trial by fire in an unforgiving process of adjustment and tribulation by the infamously well-trained Powell technicians.

The PS-501 itself features unique, slick looks, including a silver plated nickel-silver finish, not to mention the Powell Signature headjoint and body, made in none other than the good ol' land of the free and home of the soundwave! -JB


  • Sterling Silver: Headjoint (HJ)
  • Foot/Cups: C or B/Open
  • G-Key: In-line/Offset
  • Split-E: Optional

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