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Reverend Warhawk RT - Metallic Copper Fire - Electric Guitar


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Free Shipping The Reverend Warhawk RT in Metallic Copper Fire comes with two of Reverend's proprietary custom Revtrons. These type of pickups are know for rockabilly tones, but Reverend has wound them just a tad hotter for a warm, focused tone with an aggressive upper-midrange chime that cuts through with more sustain. This also lends this guitar well for blues and rock.

All Reverends feature Korina wood bodies. Korina (aka White Limba) is a medium-light weight wood, highly prized for consistency and tonal qualities. It is a highly resonant wood, and is a key factor to producing Reverend's lively, responsive instruments that are rich in harmonics.

Reverend is famous for its bass countour control. This passive bass roll-off is great for tightening up the low end, or re-voicing the pickups. It can make a humbucker sound like a single-coil, or give a P-90 that classic twang. Variable pickup voicing at your fingertips!

Other features of the Warhawk RT -

BODY korina solidbody.
NECK PROFILE medium oval.
NUT 1-11/16" (43mm) width, graphite.
PICKUPS Revtron bridge, Revtron neck.
FINGERBOARD rosewood, 12" radius.
CONTROLS volume, tone, bass contour, 3-way.
BRIDGE Bigsby B-50 with roller bridge.
FRETS 22 medium jumbo.
STRINGS 10-46.
NECK three-piece korina.
TRUSS ROD dual action, headstock access.
CASE S-Case (available separately).
SCALE 24-3/4".
TUNERS Reverend pin-lock.

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